About Us

“Colours and Lighting makes a fashionable statement at Ting Residence” Ting Residence wraps an entire 
design theme around the colour wheel, showing off different hues on every room and lighting features 
that add a fresh, theatrical look to the property.
It located in a small unique town and friendly neighbourhood. The unique home stay even utilizes colourful 
hues in its vaulted morning room, where designer’s curtains contrast with streams of colour shining from 
all directions. Selected mosaic-tiles bathrooms lend even more excitement to the space.

-    Colour-themed home stay incorporates cozy ventilation on every room. 
-    Located in the friendly neighbourhood
-    Close to the attraction eg Lumut and Pangkor Island (20km)

-    Located in Ayer Tawar, a unique town near to various point of attraction 
      eg, Pangkor Island, Sitiawan, Lumut and Ipoh

A comfort is when you walk into a “feels like home” lobby and feels embraced by your 
surroundings. The furniture, accessories, wall colours, flooring and its textures all contribute 
to the feeling of being warm and cozy. The lobby is turning into a welcoming and peaceful 
retreat by its design and colours.

1)    Media & Entertainment
-    Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi broad band internet access
-    Flat screen television with remote control
2)    Free R.O water dispenser at lobby

-    Museum Sitiawan (20 km)
-    Teluk Batik Beach ( 25 km)
-       Lumut  ( 25 km)
-       Pangkor Island Jetty ( 25 km)

10 colors, 10 themes, 10 feels. 

Ting Residence. Our home. Your home. 
The colours and ventilation makes a fashionable 
statement at  Ting residence. Presenting in homestay 
style but providing hotel's services.